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It's so dark, I cannot see a thing, I mean I don't really see things anyways unless I wear my contacts. I slip my glasses on but it takes too long for my eyes to adjust, everything is blurry and black. I hear a rustling sound from downstairs in the kitchen and it's definitely not the cats. My first worry is always about the cats, that if there was an intruder in my house, that they would set my cats free and then they won't find their way back home to me (Crazy Catlady talk I know!). I am pretty sure that it's not true and cats most likely always find their way back home but I don't want to take a chance!

I'm tiptoeing down the stairs, following the direction of the noise, but the damn floor boards creak desperately under my bare feet. "Shit!" I hear a male voice whisper. And 'Shit!' I think because now I know that there is a man in my kitchen! I press my body against the cold wall, trying to become invisible when a dark figure comes towards me with a knife attacking me!

I open my one eye, checking my surroundings. I am in bed again checking for stab holes, but it was just a dream! Pheew, just another nightmare, I do have them very frequently. My impulse tells me to check on the cats but I am too scared right now to leave the bed; I'm sure they're fine. 

As soon as my boyfriend opens his eyes in the morning, I blurt it all out "I had a dream that a man broke into our house and he stabbed me". He looks at me tiredly "It was just a dream, don't worry" he says followed by a yawn. "I'm not worried, just wanted to mention it, that's all". He rolls his eyes and turns around.  

It's a rainy Wednesday afternoon as I am greeted by a big pile of dusty newspapers on the hallway floor underneath the letterbox. Confused, I pick them up and realize that they are from yesterday! Looks like the neighbors are now also using my letterbox as a type of recycling bin. But I am not surprised, even though we have a NO JUNKMAIL sticker on the front door, I am surprised with Pizza menus and all other sorts of junk day by day. Once I watched this guy sliding a takeaway menu through my letterbox slowly, I did consider running after him.  

I put the newspaper aside and start to set up the living room for my daily workout routine (I work out at home and my newest guilty pleasure is a Line-Dance/Aerobic Workout Routine!) who doesn't love a bit of cheesy American Country Music?! ME! You will probably scream, but I am a sucker for country music so this is a great combination. Unfortunately, I have two left feet, so I can't have anyone witnessing this dance spectacle, not even my dear cats!

I am clapping and grape-vining enthusiastically through my living room when I see a scruffy looking guy with a hood up over his head and a cigarette butt hanging out of his mouth enters my driveway. He is walking right past me at the living room window. I instantly jump behind my curtains to hide. I hear the flap of the letterbox moving, this must be the deliverer of yesterday's news. I wonder who the hell this strange man is, maybe one of the builders from down the road? 'DINGDONG!' my doorbell shrills. I don't move for a while, hoping he will go away. I open the living room door slightly and peek through a little crack between the door and its frame. I can see through the glass panels at the front door that there is nobody there. I already muted my dance instructor on the tv and I am quickly running through the house closing the kitchen door so nobody can look in from the front door. Paranoid much, you may think now, right? But what would you do in this situation, especially after a dream like the one I had last night and now I feel like I summoned a stranger to my house?

I am sprinting up the stairs into our guest room which is facing the road and our small front garden to check if the stranger is still there. It doesn't help that I am dressed in a neon pink workout top that can probably be seen from outer space. Trying to camouflage into my cream curtains I peak out the window. And there he is, sitting on a small stone wall across from my house looking right at me. I am behind the curtain, he can't see me I reassure myself. Without a second thought, I run back down the stairs into the kitchen to look for a "weapon" to defend myself, just in case I have to. The first thing I find is a pink bread knife which matches my outfit perfectly.

I grab it and run back up to my hiding spot (I know running with knives is dangerous, but I promise you I am being very careful). My Fitbit is showing me a significant rise in my Heart Rate. I'm back at my window spot, trying to blend into the curtain again, this time with my pink knife, the guy is gone!

I over reacted and I am paranoid by nature, as always! You were right from the beginning and I'm glad nobody but you had to witness this pink mess. I'm about to go back to resume my dance routine when I hear a wheelie bin being dragged around the driveway. What the f...! I go back to my hiding spot and watch the guy stealing my green bin, walking right out of the driveway with it! But I am still not entirely sure what to do here. So, I text my boyfriend to get a second opinion:

1st text convo bf.png


I would have rather told him the following instead: "I am hiding behind the curtain with a pink knife, I think I am going insane! I am afraid this guy wants to stab me!?" But I play it cool and decide not to worry him unnecessarily for now.

Every normal day on our road, my front garden is turned into a football pitch covered with hundreds of kids, well, let's say around 20 kids, noisy like one hundred. Right now, I expect to see a hay bale rolling across the road. I try to reach Jenna, my landlady, they live just on the next road. "I am currently not available, please leave a message after the beep", her friendly voice is telling me. I am sitting down on the bed, not sure what to do now when the noise of the wheelie bin suddenly returns.

I peek out the window and the guy is currently wheeling my other bin out of the driveway! Without hesitation, I open the window and start yelling at the stranger. We are having a quick but confusing chat, I hope that Ashton Kutcher may jump out of the bin any second now and screams "Punked!", but he isn't. The stranger tells me that he is looking for his father who he thinks is living in my house. He seems to be Jenna's brother, but her father passed away five years ago! I do not want to be the person that tells him that his father is dead, as he doesn't seem to be aware of that. I ring Jenna one more time but just get the voicemail again.

 I am texting Jimmy instead (Jenna's husband):


 I do as I am told and call 999, it seems as I have lost my ability to speak the English language in the past 5 minutes, as the Policewoman on the phone doesn't understand anything I say. I am standing in my spare room, pink knife in hand, talking to the police, watching a bin stealing stranger sitting on a wall, staring at my house. I feel silly explaining to her that he tried to steal my bin, but I also feel that it could be an important detail, who knows (better than telling them that I had a dream about a man stabbing me while I am the one sitting here with a knife)? 

"No worries Madam, we are going to send someone around to you." the woman says to me on the phone. I update my boyfriend:


This is exactly the reason why I told him about my dream this morning. I "sensed" something weird is going to happen after that dream. I am not crazy, therefore I feel somehow relieved, ha! And nobody stabbed me, so far so good.

 A few minutes later the police arrive, asking the stranger to leave the wall and not to return. They come to my house too, explaining that he is not well and that they are asking him to leave. I close the door and can finally resume my line dancing while I wait for my boyfriend to come home. 

Photographic evidence of the stranger looking at me (taken from a hiding spot behind the curtain)

Photographic evidence of the stranger looking at me (taken from a hiding spot behind the curtain)

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Book Review

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