Welcome to SheepDiary! Stories with a dash of Baaah! I hope you enjoy browsing through my stories!

An Introduction to SheepDiary

An Introduction to SheepDiary

Hello again!

Thanks for checking out my website and my first every blog! I am so excited to meet you!

I am a passionate reader and hobby-writer. Originally from Germany (Bavaria),  I am living in Ireland for the past 10 years. So as you can see I am not a native English speaker. Please forgive any typos or grammar mistakes (it's ok to point them out to me though, don't be shy). My preferred language would be English, that's why I have decided to write mostly in English and not in German.

 How did I end up in Ireland? I came here one September as an Aupair and was only supposed to stay for six months. There is only one problem, I am STILL here! I currently live in Dublin with my boyfriend and our two cats (Cleo and Daisy) who will most likely feature in a story or two. 

I am a hopeless romantic, crazy Cat lady and if you are wondering what all of this has to do with sheep, I will tell you. I am a sheep fan, I like them in all forms and shapes (plush sheep, sheep figurines, sheep mugs, anything with a sheep on it really). I don't even remember how it all came about; I always used a sheep-related nickname on chat and social media platforms that even my friends started to call me sheep or sheepy (and it's not because I act like a sheep!). I have been buying books since I knew how to read, I would always spend my pocket money on a new read.

I am writing stories about everyday life, as well as fiction in German and in English. 

Friends have always encouraged me that I should publish my stories or write a book, or even both! So I am going to give this a try.

I hope you enjoy my stories...



When the man of your dreams knocks at your door!

When the man of your dreams knocks at your door!